Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs answer the most common questions about Mirrycle Mirrors and Incredibell Bells. If these do not resolve your problem, contact us at

Mirrycle Mirrors

1. Cut out the end of, or remove, the plug in the end of the left handlebar grip. To cut, use a fairly sharp knife and poke through the end of the handlebar grip then cut around the inside of the handlebar. If you live in a country where you drive on the left side of the road, cut a hole in the end of the right grip.

2. The Mirrycle comes with two sizes of wedge. Use the larger of the two wedges unless it won’t fit inside your handlebar. Assemble the appropriate wedge to the mirror base using the long bolt and the barrel nut. Put the long bolt through the mirror base and wedge and then screw it into the barrel nut. Pull the wedge onto the barrel nut to secure it.

Exploded view of Mirrycle mirror parts3. Place the mirror base in the end of your handlebar. Push it in so it is snug up against the end of the handlebar grip. Position the mirror base so that the top of it tilts far forward (about halfway between straight up and parallel to the ground. If you have bar ends, position the mirror base so that the top tilts further down and out of the way of the bar end. Use the hex wrench that is included to tighten the bolt until the mirror base is secure in the end of the handlebar.

4. Attach the mirror arm to the mirror base. Put three small washers on a cap screw and insert it into the hole in the elbow end of the mirror arm. Now put a big washer on the cap screw and screw it into the mirror base and tighten it using the hex wrench. The cap screws are an extremely tight fit when screwed into the brass inserts. Keep the hex wrench pushed into the head of the cap screw while turning it. Don’t worry about breaking any of the parts.

5. Attach the mirror holder to the mirror arm. Put one small washer on a cap screw and insert it into the countersunk hole in the mirror holder bracket. Put a big washer on the cap screw and screw it into the mirror arm and tighten it using the hex wrench included. As stated in #4 above, the cap screw fit into the brass insert is extremely tight.

6. Take a ride on your bike on a quiet street and adjust the mirror to get a good idea of what your view will be.

PDF instructions for regular mirror

PDF instructions for mirror mounted for left-hand traffic

PDF notice en français

The Mirrycle mirror is designed with an expansion nut inside the plastic housing.  It will feel as if the screws are too big for the hole.  As you tighten the screw, it will expand inside the plastic housing, creating a tight and durable fit.

While it may feel like you have to exhert too much pressure, keep driving the screw home and your Mirrycle mirror will work as intended.


Yes.  Use all the washers provided with your Mirrycle mirror.

Without the washers in place, the mirror will have have too much resistance when you try to fold it out of the way and the space they provide is factored into the length of the screws we use.

The Extension Tube kit for the Mirrycle Mirror can be set up two different ways, depending upon which dimension you need enlarged.

To gain horizontal width

The illustration below show where to place the extension tube to bring your mirror further out to the side.  Position the extension tube between the mirror holder and the mirror arm to gain extra width.  The longer cap bolt will hold it securely, but don't forget to put the large washer between the extension tube and the mirror arm.


To gain vertical height:

To put your mirror in a higher position above your bars, place the extension tube between the mirror arm and the mirror base.  The large washer included in the kit should be positioned between the two plastic parts to allow them to rotate smoothly.  If you do not use the large washer, the longer bolt will be unable to tighten completely.

The bolt heads on Mirrycle mirrors can be tightened with a 9/64" hex wrench/ Allen key.